Two of our hottest bodies here at Southern strokes and definitely two of the biggest cocks are paired up for some hot fucking. We started off by talking about some of their wildest sex encounters and even we were shocked at some of the things that came out of their mouths.

I know that Cole’s been waiting to get his ass wrapped around Trevor’s big fat pole cause Cole likes them big and he likes them thick. Cole started right in on Trevor with his mouth, kissing Trevor’s hard body and teasing his cock through his pants.

Cole pulled out Trevor’s hard throbbing cock and worked it over with his mouth until Trevor needed to fucking something. Cole got on all fours and put his ass up on the arm of the chair so that Trevor could take it. Trevor took it deep early, setting the tone for what was gonna be a rough fucking.

Cole climbed up on top and rode it next before he showed up all how limber he is. Trevor spread his legs to the splits and fucked him deeper that I’ve ever seen his cock buried in a hole. Cole shot his load as Trevor was pumping his hole and then Trevor pulled out and sprayed Cole with his creamy kids.


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