Zach Kessler is laying in his bed when Dallas Reeves comes over and greets him with a kiss. Dallas is horned up that he strips off Zach’s clothes and starts to lick his ass. After eating it up, Dallas gets naked and checks how tight Zach’s hole is, sliding his finger and feeling the warmth inside.  Dallas kisses Zach as the latter flips over and they make out, with Dallas rubbing off Zach’s cock. Dallas goes on kissing Zach through his body going down to his cock and stuffs it in the mouth. As Zach getting a full erection, Dallas enjoys sucking on Zach’s massive sized dick. Dallas then licks Zach’s foot then goes on licking his balls. Zach goes up and bends over which Dallas capitalizes and inserts his stiff hard cock inside Zach’s tight hole. He starts to thrust him slowly then goes on a bit faster. Zach gets a nice fuck and he wants it more. Dallas lays down and Zach hops on top and plugs in Dallas’ shaft. Zach fucks it really good and the hot sensation gets Dallas hitting him harder. Zach flips over and there Dallas rails him rapidly until Zach reaches his climax and cums over his body. Dallas cums in next and he blasts his thick gooey load off Zach’s body also for this one hot fuck session.


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