Roco Rita is snoozing on his bed in the barracks with Laco Meido sitting on his and cleaning his boots. He notices that Roco is hard in his shorts, so gently slides them down and begins to suck on the hard cock.  Roco awakes and pushes Laco’s head down onto the stiff cock.  Laco’s mouth is wide open to take the thick dick as far as he can.  He comes off the cock and starts to kiss Roco who responds in kind.  Then Laco stands and drops his pants to reveal his own hard cock.  Roco quickly takes it in his mouth and begins to suck on it.  Laco reaches over to wank him as he keeps up the sucking.  Laco’s cock fucks into the mouth as Roco’s head keeps working. Then Laco leans over and kisses Roco again before lifting his legs in the air so he can rim the tight hole.  Laco’s tongue laps as Roco’s hot hole, getting it nice and wet. Then it is ready for some cock.  Laco stands and slides his throbbing cock deep into Roco’s ass.  He fucks hard and fast, going in as deep as he can. Laco’s cock is so thick and hard it opens Roco’s hole real well as he keeps up his fucking. Then Roco turns over, onto his knees, and presents his ass for more fucking.  Laco is happy to oblige and slams his cock back into the eager hole.  He pounds that ass as hard as he can with Roco taking it all. As he fucks Laco reaches forward and covers Roco’s mouth.  Then he lays on the bed so that Roco can sit on his big dick and ride it.  His ass slides up and down on the shaft as his own stiff cock flops around.  Then he lays on the bed again with Laco’s dick deep in his ass. He wanks himself as Laco fucks him.  Roco’s thick cock soon erupts with his hot cum while Laco keeps fucking his hole.  Roco milks every last drop out of his cock as Laco still pounds his hole.  Then Laco pulls out and dumps his hot cum into Roco’s mouth. Roco catches all the cum and swallows it as Laco milks his cock. Then he stands and the two friends kiss again to end a wonderful scene.


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