When Jayden found out that he was topping Rowan, he was pretty excited. It was even more enticing to find out this was going to be Rowan’s first time bottoming! Rowan, of course being the top that he is, was understandably nervous, right?

“My eyes twitch and my heart is beating fast!” Rowan said.
Jayden then felt his chest to see if there was any truth to this…. Rowan likes to play around apparently, because his heart beat was normal.

“We’ll make some noise” Rowan said. “Let’s get to it.”

When he was worn out by Jayden, sweaty Rowan seemed to have really enjoyed it!
“So, you can be a bottom now?”, to which he replied “Well, I’m gonna be a vers! But I think I could pull bottom off pretty well…pretty damn well.”


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