Check out Southern Strokes’ director’s notes…

I’m not sure why we decided to film this so early in the morning maybe it was because Logan had just shown up after a night of partying. I’m not complaining. Logan and Cole both had that horny buzz after a night of fun and you’re pretty much willing to do anything to get unload.

Logan wanted to be dominated by big man Cole, he couldn’t wait to let go and let Cole do whatever he wanted to Logan’s prime ass. Cole teased Logan’s hole with his tongue and a few fingers before he let Logan feel Cole’s big fat cock deep inside him.

Logan arched his back and Cole grabbed his hair and pulled his head back as he violated Logan’s ass. Logan couldn’t get enough of Cole’s manhood. Logan had his ass up in the air just begging for Colt to breed and use him as his little bitch.

Logan surprised us all when he decided to give Cole a little banging of his own. Cole showed us how limber he was as Logan gave him a good pounding before Cole unloaded his nuts in Logan’s mouth and then they both shared the taste of Cole’s cum.


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