We’ve been trying to get our sweaty fingers on this sexy guy for a while, so now we have – lets make a meal of this beefy, hairy stud and his delicious uncut cock and creamy load, there’s three meaty courses in Logan Moore – Yum. And just incase he’s not enough for you lets add an element of risk by filming outdoors by a railway line, anyone could come along – hmm twisted and sexy, handsome Logan is getting off on this naked, alfresco wank too, he luvs to be watched, just feeling eyes wandering over his broad hairy chest and muscular legs gets him harder. He plays with his sensitive nipples and shows us all the good stuff in store, hairy, armpits, big, juicy bollocks and of course that long, protective foreskin that keep his cock helmet super sensitive f! or tongues and spit-wet fingers! Logan is all yours for twenty minutes, make the most of this steamy entrée because there’s an extra beef and cream main course coming soon, YUM! – finger licking good!


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