Joey and Trevor first met each other when Joey made his first trip to the Ranch. Trevor made sure to let me know that Joey is the type of guy that he likes to give it up to. I couldn’t imagine a better guy for Joey to fuck his first time out than Trevor. If you take a good look at these two side by side, you can’t help but notice the similarity in their body types. It happens to be my favorite.

Everyone was all worked up as soon as both of these Southern Gentlemen lost their shirts. They both have naturally smooth bodies with amazing definition. Joey’s chest might be a little bigger than Trevor’s but Trevor has Joey trumped in the Biceps. I have gotta give the nod to Trevor in the cock category but don’t get me wrong, Joey is no slouch with his big 19 year old piece of meat.

They boys started making out and then Trevor went straight in for Joey’s manhood. All the while Trevor was work Joey’s meat, Joey wanted to get his hands on Trevor’s ass. It was almost a tug of war as Trevor sucked and Joey probed. Before Joey started to work on Trevor’s ass, he took Trevor’s fat cock in his mouth and worked it until it was nice and hard.

Trevor got on all fours with his hard cock bouncing up and down and Joey entered his first boy. True to most straight guys that fuck their first man, Joey didn’t exactly ease his way in. After the initial plunging, Trevor settled in for a long hard ride. Both boys worked up some fluids and they both let it loose all over Trevor’s sizzling body. There is so much cum that your gonna wanna jump in.


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