When it “cums” to a couple of young hot studs, Sunny Blue and Jimy Fix are right at the top of the list here on Today, we’ve paired these two up at the pool in a scene we know our members are going to add to their favorites list and watch again and again. Hope you have a good supply of tissue boys!

Jimy is first up, or rather down on his knee’s to service Sunny’s beautiful thick cock. Then it’s Jimy’s turn as Sunny goes down on his cock in the lounge chair. The two go back and forth and when Sunny stands up with a rock hard cock, I’m reminded how much I love “low hangers.” The two boys continue making eye contact with the camera throughout the scene knowing they have us ready to blow. Keep on edging guys, we’re in for a hot fuck scene.

Sunny bends over the lounge chair as Jimy mounts up doggy style. From behind, over the top, in front and the side, the action is nothing short of “cock blowing” camera angles. Sunny keeps his eyes glued to the camera the whole time he’s getting pounded. With the boys ready to unload, they kick back in the lounge chairs side by side and jerk. Jimy is first to blow a creamy load full of edible deliciousness. Then Sunny unloads an impressive stream of jizz onto his stomach and groin that begs for a tongue bath.


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