Burly boss Saxon West proudly struts up and down the line up of cute and selectable boys. In a different mix up, with some of the guys he’s firm but tender but for those he plays then elects not good enough for him, he’s pretty mean. Pushing them around, a hard grope without any pleasure intended or a carefree slap with no looking back. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to dismiss those who fail the initial tests. He wants something firm muscular but still lean enough to throw around with a fuckable arse. Bingo, he’s found someone worthy! Getting him up on all fours to present himself properly Saxon takes a better look, first thing is first he wants to taste his juicy boy cunt. Spit, fingers and tongue get both guys worked up. The boy is rock hard in his jock, practically bursting out of it. Saxons wrestling suit lost the ability to contain his monster meat a long time ago, thick cock protruding up his abs. Saxon flips the boy overso he can taste his cock and arse at the same time. Slathering him in saliva, stuffing his fingers down the boys throat while he chews on his hard fuck stick, using his own saliva to open up his hole ready for incredibly thick dick. Pulling him in closer and losing the straps of his singlet he is ready to take his subs arse, wether the boy is ready for this challenge is irrelevant. He angles up to his hole and presses in hard. Building up the speed to a jack hammer paced pounding the boys whines and growls in an animalistic way, he’s relishing it! Time to punish another area. ‘On your knees boy!’, quick smart, mouth open and ready this boy is excited to feel object that was seconds ago pounding his arse. Unrelenting, unobstructed and completely willing this sub has a talented throat. Drool going everywhere, he’s getting off on making such a mess of himself while Saxon adds to the mess by drowning him in spit.. which seems to fuel this slutty sub! One stage at a time, he removes the rubber blindfold over his mask, leaving some anonymity from the doms point of view. Boy has earned the right to see his aggressor. Arse up, ready to fuck again Saxon takes him from behind. His huge cock stretching out that pink hole again, pulling all the way out and back in again giving the full force of his girth. A second treat for the boy, the hood fully comes off but this is not the end of his punishment!


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