Haigan and some of his buddies were hanging out for the weekend when Haigan tells us all that he has a surprise for us. Cole walked in the room wearing a pair of jeans and no shirt and looking pretty fucking amazing and he came to fuck.

We thought that it was only fair that Haigan got to fuck Cole’s ass first since he was the one that got him there. Cole and Haigan made out for quite awhile until they were both sticking their tongues down each other’s throats as they were standing naked in the middle of the room.

Cole wrapped his naked trunks around Haigan’s waist and jumped into his arms as Haigan held him up and explored his fine ass. Cole took his position on his knees and took Haigan’s cock deep into his mouth. Cole wanted Haigan inside him and he was willing to do what ever he wanted.

Haigan fucked Cole for a good hour filling Cole’s hole as Cole’s huge member bounced on his stomach. Cole shot a gallon of cum all over his ripped body as Haigan pounded him. Haigan made Cole finish him off by swallowing Haigan’s big creamy load.


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