The subs are eager to be chosen, standing straight, muscles taught and presenting themselves the best they can in the hope the next Dom will take a shine to them. They live for this. Theo wastes no time in going over each boy one by one. He’s thorough and very assertive, spits, slaps and snogs. pulling on nipples to gauge the boys reactions. Selecting his boy he notices he’s the only one not in a jock strap, maybe a challenge lies ahead? He begins their session with some passionate kissing with Theo in complete control, then he muscles and throws him around the room making sure he’s just how he wants him. The boy is on his knees and ready for a forceful throat fucking, no mercy. Theo’s big cock is something the sub has been waiting for, he gags and drools with the pleasure of masters dick in mind. Dragged up and made to suck on his bosses pits while he plays with the boys cock, just checking everything is in working order. He even gives his boys dick a suck out of mutual appreciation. Bending him over presents that challenge he initially noticed. Theo sticks his fingers in the mesh of the briefs right at the arse crack and tears open the back of his pants, that’s better! butt crack and hole exposed Theo can fuck him without obstacle and boy does he fuck him, extra hard just because he was hiding his prize. The boys groans and shouts with pleasure, verbal and dirty. Theo decides to free up some of his senses and de-hoods… but doesn’t go any easier on him!


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