When extremely sexual, fun and cheeky Chris Harder came on set and was given a choice of toys, he didn’t just choose one, he thought 3 would maybe be enough to fill his butt. I guess I should add greedy to his profile description, well greedy arse anyway! We chat about his cool and interesting life on the stage, his travels and his love of all things sex. A true performer he starts things off just as you would expect, with his patented slow, sensual strip tease… all we need is music! He works that body, tugs on his crotch and shows off some goodies before revealing all. getting out his choice 3 toys, starting with the smallest and working his way up to a big chunky block of a butt plug, it’s a serious hole stretcher though he’s had two toys to warm himself up on and stretch out that tight ring. Complete with an impressive cum shot, worthy of a standing ovation I’d say!


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