Since the late 1800s, The Brethren have used the private initiatory rooms in the temple to initiate thousands of young naked men into their order. For decades, handsome older men have been milking thousands of ball-twisting orgasms from the “loins” of sexy Mormon boys in their highly secretive selection process.

Elder Miller and Elder Peterson are silent as they take off their proselytizing clothes — the white shirts and ties that make Mormon missionaries immediately recognizable — and slip into the very revealing white robes used in the secret erotic rituals performed in the temple.

President Wilcox has requested they join him at the temple on a Sunday when it is otherwise closed to the public. They were only told that they should prepare for the initiatory ordinances of washing and anointing them.

The mission president and Elder Peterson have told Elder Miller what to expect. Given that Elder Miller knows the president as well as he does, no explanation was necessary. He had already assumed that today the ceremony would be a particularly intimate experience.

These Mormon sexual rituals are essential ordinances and must be performed in the holy temple, by a man having the proper authority, and they must be spoken verbatim. If even one word or a gesture is forgotten, the officiant must start again from the beginning.




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