All young mormon men who enter into the true order of the priesthood are subjected to corporal punishment to atone for any past transgressions that are not in line with the standards of the order. This is also called, “Mandated Disciplinary Action.”

The Brethren have waited a long time for today’s candidate, Elder Stewart, whose cute face, big thick 10 inch dick, hungry hole and sexual availability are infamous.

Elder Stewart has begun the process of admission into the Order, and has enjoyed the process so far, having been initiated by Patriarch Smith in a sensual temple ceremony, and then inspected by Bishop Angus in his office, which involved a physical evaluation and being fucked hard.

Elder Stewart knows today will be be more painful and difficult, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to be one of the boys accepted by, and ultimately ordained by the handsome, powerful men into the True Order of the Higher Priesthood.


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