The truth be told, these two have been hanging out for a while so they decided to put their show on for our cameras. Haigan’s been playing with Carson all the time so that he could get his much needed man sex. Haigan loves a guy worshiping him, it’s his favorite over any chick any day of the week.

You could tell that these two had been drinking a few beers before they asked us if Carson could get his hole filled with cum and did we want to film it. I don’t know which one of them was more eager to get going, Carson or Haigan.

Carson worked over Haigan’s cock until it was throbbing hard and then he asked Haigan to take him for the cameras like he does when no one is watching. That flipped Haigan’s switch and he got so turned on that he thought he was back in prison only this time he gets to do the fucking.
Carson shot his load with Haigan inside him as soon as Haigan grabbed him by the throat and fucked him until he squeezed the cum out of Carson’s cock. Carson shot his load into his own mouth before Haigan made him drink his cum shake.

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