Wank Party 2015 #3 features some great guys, Jirka Mendez, Tony Mark, Laco Meido, Martin Porter and Paul Hunter.  In this second part we joing them as Martin is on his back, taking Laco’s throbbing cock deep in his ass, as Paul takes a ride on Jirka’s. Tony watches intently as he wanks himself, waiting for a chance to fuck some ass too. That doesn’t take long, as he takes over from Laco, working his big cock deep into Martin’s eager hole.  Jirka fucks upwards into Pauls tight ass as Laco takes over from Tony again. Paul rides up and down on Jirka’s rigid cock working it all the way into his ass.  Tony leans over and sucks on Martin’s rock hard cock as Laco continues fucking.  He pulls out and Tony slides his dick back into Martin’s ass fucking hard and fast as Laco sucks on Martin’s throbbing cock.  Jirka’s dick is so hard as Paul’s ass slides up and down on it.  Then Laco takes over the fucking of Martin’s hot hole again, slamming his dick all the way in.  That big, fat cock really stretches Martin’s hole as Tony leans over to kiss him. Then it is all changes and Jirka gets the chance to fuck Martin’s awesome ass.  Meanwhile Paul lays on his back so that Laco can slam his hole.  Martin loves that cock in his ass and wanks himself hard and fast as Jirka pounds his hole.  Laco keeps fucking Paul, stretching his hole wide.  Martin’s hand really works his throbbing cock as Jirka fucks him deep and hard.  Paul wanks himself too as Laco keeps fucking.  Martin’s hand is relentless as it keeps wanking his thick meat with Jirka pumping his ass.  Martin then dumps his creamy cum over his left thight, as Jirka’s cock works his hole.  His fucking gets faster and goes real deep.  Laco continues to fuck Paul who wanks his own meat, with Tony standing by wanking himself too. As his hole gets pounded Paul’s cock releases it’s hot cum and he milks it dry. Then Martin turns over, with Jirka fucking him from behind. He pulls out and shoots his hot load over that magnificent ass. Laco wants more of it and moves over to slide his cock back inside.  He fucks Martin hard and fast, building up until he is ready to shoot too.  Tony stands over Martin, wanking and dumps his cum all over him as Laco continues fucking.  He pulls ouver and cums over that hot ass to complete 5 great loads.  The guys then share some kisses to bring a great Wank Party to an end.

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