Miro Keta is sitting at his desk studying when Ivan Mraz joins him and starts to distract him by rubbing his body and kissing his neck.  Miro responds, turning his head and kissing him. Ivan pulls off Miro’s sweater and rubs his chest, kissing him some more. Standing and pushing his jeans and underwear down Miro’s hard cock flops out and Ivan drops to his knees to suck it.  His mouth wraps around the cock an d sucks it real well.  He removes his tee shirt as he continues sucking on Miro’s beautiful cock. Miro wants some cock too and is soon returning the favor sucking Ivan’s fat, hard cock.  He licks along the shaft and sucks the head into his mouth.  His lips wrap tight around the head as he sucks the throbbing cock. With both cocks rock hard Miro stands and they wank each other. Then Miro lays on the desk, with his legs in the air.  Ivan is quick to start rimming Miro’s hairy  hole and suck on that cock some more.  As he sucks he slips a finger into Miro’s tight ass hole.  He works the hole as he keeps sucking the cock.  Then he laps at the hole with his tongue again. Ivan stands and positions his cock, slipping it deep into Miro’s hot ass.  He fucks that ass nice and deep. As he fucks that ass Ivan leans over and kisses Miro again. Ivan’s thick cock really stretches the ass.  Then Miro stands and bends over so that Ivan can fuck him from behind.  He works his dick in and out of that ass as Miro wanks himself.  Ivan’s fucking is hard and fast as Miro keeps wanking.  Miro then kneels on his chair, his ass pushed back to take that cock as deep as he can.  He keeps fucking and Miro continues to wank himself until his hot cum shoots out of his cock.  Then he sits on the chair for Ivan to shoot his creamy load all over that sexy chest.

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