Milan Neoral is asleep on the sofa, after some heavy drinking, when Vlado Tomek arrived and finds him.  Vlado kneels over Milan and begins to massage his legs and ass, pulling down the underwear.  He leans forward and kisses that sexy ass, spreading the cheeks and rimming the hole. Milan lays there as he asshole is rimmed.  Then he turns over, his cock nice and hard.  Vlado is quickly on that cock sucking it into his mouth and wanking it too. He licks the cock and sucks it, lapping at the big balls as well. Having sucked for a while Vlado stands and gets undressed, with Milan pulling his underwear off, releasing a big, hard cock.  Milan takes it in his mouth and sucks it.  He licks and sucks on that cock, enjoying every minute of it.  Vlado’s hands guide the head on the cock pushing it deeper into Milan’s hot mouth.  Then Milan lays down and Vlado’s big cock slips into his tight hole, fucking him good and deep. Milan wanks his cock as Vlado keeps up with his fucking. His cock stretches that ass well as Vlado reaches for Milan’s cock and wanks it.   Resting both Milan’s legs on his shoulders Vlado really works that hole.  Then as Vlado lays on the sofa Milan climbs on and rides that big dick.  His ass slides up and down on the thick shaft as he wanks himself. He keeps his ass working on that big cock as his own cock builds up to a big, creamy load, which he dumps on Vlado’s belly.  Then Milan kneels and Vlado takes that ass again, from behind.  He pounds the hot hole, deep and hard. Very soon he is ready to blow too and pulls out to shoot his cum on Milan’s back. After a great session they kiss each other again to bring things to an end.

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