Ondra Matej, Ivan Mraz and Steve Peryoux are are out walking on a nice spring day. They sit for a while on a park bench deciding what to do.  In the end they go back to the apartment to relax. As they get more relaxed they start to get naked, with Steve moving over to kiss Ivan.  Ondra is the first to be fully naked and the others follow suit.  Ondra is in the middle and Ivan begins to suck his cock, before kissing Steve again.  Then he kisses Ondra and Steve starts sucking.  Soon both Ivan and Steve are taking turns on Ondra’s cock. Steve’s dick gets very hard too and Ondra wanks it as Ivan continues sucking.  He takes turns on both Steve’s and Ondra’s cocks. Then Steve takes another turn on Ondra’s cock as Ivan presents his to Ondra’s hot mouth.  Ondra sucks Ivan’s dick and wanks him.  With all cocks hard they keep changing around, playing with each other. Ondra moves onto his knees, presenting his ass for some rimming.  Both Steve and Ivan are happy to oblige, tongueing that hot hole, and fingering it too. Ivan then gives up his ass, to Ondra’s stiff cock.  Ondra fucks that sexy ass nice and deep as Ivan sucks on Steve’s cock.  They then move again, this time with Ivan riding Steve’s throbbing cock.  His own dick is rock hard as his ass slides up and down on Steve’s.  Then Steve wants to feel some dick in his ass and Ondra fucks him deep and hard.  Steve wanks himself as he gets fucked unloading a big creamy cumshot as his ass gets a good workout.  Ondra pulls out and shoots his load too, quickly followed by Ivan who drops his cum on Steve’s chest.  Then they all share some kissing to end a great scene.

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