Gabo Cerveny, a very sexy str8 guy came in, with Ivan Mraz for a Screentest.  As they sit on the sofa Ivan does a brief interview with Gabo and then they start kissing. As they kiss they start to strip off their clothes, with Ivan opening Gabo’s jeans and slipping his hand inside. He gets Gabo naked, and takes hold of his already quite hard cock.  Ivan wanks on that cock and then starts to suck it.  He does a great job on Gabo’s hard cock and then they change so that Gabo can show how well he sucks too.  His mouth closes tight around Ivan’s dick and sucks it real well. Then Ivan takes another turn on Gabo’s cock before they move to 69.  Gabo then gets onto his knees, presenting his ass to Ivan, who rims the hot hole and fingers it.  Ivan is then ready to fuck and slides his thick cock into Gabo’s tight hole and fucks it real deep. Gabo takes that cock easily and moves onto his back for Ivan to pound his hole even harder.  He really works that hot hole and then sits on the sofa, so that Gabo can ride his dick. Gabo’s ass slides up and down on Ivan’s pole taking it very well. Then Ivan kneels between Gabo’s legs and wanks and sucks on his cock until he takes the hot cum in his mouth. He then kneels over Gabo and wanks himself, shooting his cum all over Gabo’s face. What a great screentest for Gabo, with Ivan really showing him what it is all about.

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