Jay Townsend is so excited today meeting Jake Jensen for the first time. He had only seen Jake’s photos and videos on the site. So there was a lot of anticipation by the time the guys met. They didn’t know that their first meeting was going to happen in my squeezey 2 man hot tub. Though both Jay and Jake didn’t mind getting close and personal in the hot water. It was Jay who first slipped out of his speedo. He was encouraging Jake to pull out that fat uncut dick. Once the boys were finished rolling around in the tub they headed to the bed to finish their scene. It was then that they really surprised me. This is Jay’s very first scene playing the top. That’s right. Jay fucked Jake!  And Jake loved every bit of getting hammered by my furry friend. So much so that Jay made him squirt cum all over himself as he was getting pounded.


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