Jarmil Sladky and Ivan Mraz are celebrating Christmas, with some champagne. But they have sex on their minds too, as they start to kiss. Ivan helps Jarmil off with his tee-shirt and then continues to kiss him. Ivan’s shirt comes off too, so both of those hot chests are exposed. As they kiss each other Ivan shucks his jeans down some, which reveals his stiff cock. Jarmil wraps a hand around that cock and starts to wank it. Ivan leans over and kisses his chest, and then opens Jarmil’s jeans, showing another rock hard cock. Jeans off they kiss some more, with Ivan working his way down to Jarmil’s stiff dick. He takes the cock in his mouth, licking and sucking it. His own cock stands proudly erect as he sucks on Jarmil’s. Jarmil is keen to taste some dick and soon takes a turn on Ivan’s cock. He kisses the balls and takes the cock deep in his mouth, his head bobbing up and down on it. Then Jarmil kneels on the sofa with Ivan sucking his big cock again. Switching again has Ivan thrusting his dick in and out of Jarmil’s hot mouth. His tongue laps at the balls and then sucks that throbbing cock. Ivan moves again, kneeling on the sofa, and bending over to make his sexy ass available. Jarmil’s dick is soon deep in that eager hole, fucking it nice and deep. He works that hole well, as Ivan wanks himself. Jarmil’s cock slams in and out of that hole. With his shoulder on the ground and legs up and over Ivan’s ass gets that dick deep inside, as Jarmil fucks him hard. Ivan’s cock stays so hard as he gets fucked and he wanks it all the while. Then Jarmil sits on the couch so that Ivan can ride that big cock. His hot ass slides up and down on the still pole, taking it all the way. He kisses Jarmil as he rides that hot cock. They then move into missionary position, that cock still working Ivan’s ass as he wanks himself. He keeps up the wanking until he shoots his hot cream all up his chest, while Jarmil pounds his hole. Jarmil continues to fuck Ivan deep and hard, until he is ready to blow too. Pulling out he unloads his cream over his fuck-buddy’s leg. Then Jarmil leans forward for a final kiss after a very hot session.

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