Cutie Borel Sokol is on a long backpack throughout Europe. Three thugs, Marek Borek, Ondra Matej and Tomas Fiedel, see him as easy prey so they convinnce Borel to go with them to a club. Borek doesn’t realize that Tomas works there and soon finds himself shirtless and on his knees.

Muscular Tomas pulls out his cock as does Ondra and Marek. Borek realizes that the best thing to do is submit as Tomas shoves his huge cock deep into his mouth. Borek services all three guys until they having huge boners. Getting lifted and held on Tomas’ shoulder like a rag doll puts Borek’s ass in the perfect position to getting eaten by Marek.

The studs wants more and Borek’s hole is begging for it. They take turns fucking Borek in a number of hot and raw positions until they blast their cum all over Borek’s smooth body. Borek ends things by blowing a huge load too!

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