Colin Hewitt and Phillipe Gaudin are reminiscing about their adventures in getting fucked by hung hotties, when in walks hung hottie Jim Kerouac! What a coincidence! Jim decides to help the boys relive their memories, and make some new ones, too! Enjoy these BelAmi studs in another hot threeway!

It is a lucky top who gets the change to fuck both Colin and Phillipe at one time, and today is Jim’s lucky day. This scene was filmed at the time when Austin Merrick and Mick Lovell and Alex Waters were over from the US filming with us. As often happens, Phillipe and Colin are comparing their experiences so far with each of the guys and explaining which of the Americans are their favorites. Just as all their memories of the guys they have made love to is starting to make them horny in comes Jim to remind them that sometimes the sexiest of guys are much closer to home.


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