The rain is coming down hard outside…and soon Phillipe Gaudin and Harris Hilton will be cumming hard all over each other when they head indoors to escape the downpour! Who wouldn’t want to get warm and cozy with these hotties before getting wet and wild? Enjoy watching Harris and Phillipe have some flip flop fun!

Phillipe Gaudin is on the receiving end of some please giving by Harris Hilton in today’s scene. After a little swimming in the rain, the boys decide to put the overcast day to better use and head indoors for a little hanky panky which ends up with Phillipe sitting on Harris’ hard cock. By the time Harris had finished fucking Phillipe, the rain has stopped and the sun come out, so it is a perfect time for a short dip to cool off and freshen up. It doesn’t last very long though as both boys are soon hard again and eager for another round. This time Phillipe gets his chance to explore the wonders of Harris’ eager ass.

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