Aww, Peter Le can be such a tease! Tex and Lenin give him some sex dice that he claims he doesn’t know how to use (yeah right!), so they decide to put on a little show. Come on Peter, don’t just tease me with your pecs by taking off your shirt and just watching your friends have their fun…join in too! Oh well. Enjoy watching Tex fuck Lenin while Peter learns the rules of sex dice!

Lenin and Tex surprised me with a gift and I couldn’t wait to open it. It was a pair of sex dice. I had never seen these before I did not know what to do with them. Then they decided to give a demonstration.

They rolled the dice and one die said “Lick” and the other “Ear.” Tex started licking the back of Lenin’s ear. I could feel the sexual tension build. Tex couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to fuck Lenin. Watching them fuck was scorching hot, so hot I took off my shirt and grabbed a feel.

Enjoy Lenin Stone and Tex show Peter Le the ropes in the Asiancy’s “Sex Dice” episode.

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