Aaron is a smooth, fit, twinky guy with a HUGE dick that is just begging to be sucked on…but too bad he’s only into women! Oh wait…no, he’s bi! There’s hope yet! Enjoy watching Aaron stroke a hot load of his his big dick!

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Aaron Spence is 23 and into Cougars, even going so far as to have done a straight video with a woman old enough to be his mother!

He considers himself bisexual because he gets off having his ass worked over and wants to try fucking a dude while getting fucked in the ass himself.

When he pulls off his shirt we see that he’s got a tight body with a smooth chest. Once his pants come off and out flops his big cock! He slicks his dick up with some lube and it swells to full attention. He strokes his meat for us, working the shaft with both hands and giving extra care to his sensitive cock head!

He breathlessly whispers, “Yeah, I’m coming baby” just as he squirts his load!

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