Kent and Harper are two fit, sexy jocks with big, juicy cocks! They are a very passionate duo, and boy does Kent’s muscular bubble butt look get getting plowed by Harper’s dick! Enjoy the scene!

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There are a few things we know with utmost certainty about Kent and Harper – they each look incredible on camera, they’re both perennially horny, and they each love to fuck!

Throw them in a scene together, and you know you’re in for some hot action! Right from the start, these two are going at it, with Kent wasting no time whatsoever swallowing Harper’s cock and going to town on it. The only thing that gets him to pull his mouth off of Harper’s hard dick is his getting up to feed his own cock to Harper! And the only thing that can get Harper to release Kent’s cock from his mouth is his wanting to bury his tongue in Kent’s hole to get it ready for some fucking.

These guys lock lips and gazes as Harper drills Kent’s ass before they blow their loads.

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