Wow, Brayden sure is a kinky bottom boy, isn’t he? First he got used by Reagan, and now he’s getting tied up and blindfolded to be used by Trenton! Oh, and Trenton sure is excited to spank Brayden with his “slut” paddle! Enjoy the scene!

Don’t worry if you missed the first part of Reagan fucking Brayden. Click here now to check out the entire hot 2 part scene at Corbin Fisher!

When you saw Reagan fuck Brayden in Scandinavia: Brayden Gets Used Part 1, it was obvious another video featuring Brayden getting used must be on the way, and here it is! This time, it’s Trenton showing off his top skills and using Brayden!

Trenton and Brayden are two of our hottest and most popular newcomers – their looks made them perfect fits at CF, but they’ve each also shown themselves to be insatiably horny and incredible in guy/guy action. Their open-mindedness is a big part of why they’ve done so well here and become so popular, and if there were ever a video that shows off just how openminded and adventurous they are, this is it!

Filmed during our on-location Scandinavia shoot, this video includes some fun extra footage from the trip – but the main event is seeing Brayden get tied up, blindfolded, and relentlessly fucked by Trenton!

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