Hooray, a sex GIF! Hopefully everyone can see it, but Dominic Ford is apparently providing us GIF previews now! I actually might prefer this to a full video, because you can watch someone (in this case, Tate) plow someone else (in this case, Duncan) over and over and over and over! Forever! Enjoy!

Check out more sexy action at Dominic Ford by clicking here now.

flex (verb)

1. to display one’s strength through muscular contraction
2. to bend, or to be bent

This week Dominic Ford introduces ‘Flex-Fuck’, a new series of videos featuring muscular bodies fucking in ways that show strength and flexibility.

We start the series off with Tate Ryder and Duncan Black. Tate Ryder brings masculinity, virility, and strength to the scene while Duncan Black brings his usual boyishness, flexibility, and a magnetic animal lust. Tate’s body is incredible as it pistons in and out of Duncan’s tight hole. This pairing is undeniably hot!


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