Yay, I was right! When I saw the photo of Asher and Caleb standing next to each other, I thought “I bet Caleb is going to be the bottom, since he kinda looks like a bottom boy compared to Asher.” And I was right! Actually, lots of times I’m wrong and I can’t really predict who will be which role beforehand. Sex scenes can always surprise you! Enjoy watching Asher plow Caleb!

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Asher and Caleb are hungry for each other! Asher goes down on Caleb first, taking Caleb’s hard cock in his mouth and shoving it deep in his throat as he works his own dick. These two don’t spend too much time on foreplay, though, as Caleb lubes his ass up and climbs on top of Asher who slides his huge throbbing cock into Caleb’s tight entrance. Asher fucks Caleb hard, shoving his cock in and out as the two kiss.

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