Jake sure gets a hot pounding from Ricky in this artsy porn series! I can’t wait to see more of other hotties getting their clothes sensually cut off! Enjoy the scene!

Here is the first scene of Cocky Boys’ newest mini-series, Answered Prayers. Click here now to subscribe so you don’t miss any of it!

 From sea to sea, the earth is plagued with brilliant natural disasters, Acts of God, economic collapse, and bumbling political drones — all broadcast on various forms of media at all hours of the day for the hungry and panic-stricken public eye.

But an Orwellian post-apocalyptic future this is not. It’s the tail end of 2013, and drug-addled banker(Ricky Roman) finds himself at the center of a financial meltdown. Haunted by thoughts of suicide, a mysterious and unusual entity named Jinks (Jake Bass) appears to him with a pair of scissors, a mirror, a series of questions, and the hottest sexual encounter he’s ever had.

Jinks carefully inspects the banker… dissecting, inspecting, studying… we wonder– was Jinks satisfied or dissatisfied with what he saw? Jinks then starts shearing off the banker’s suit– meticulously, but at some moments brutally. The banker is left there to stand naked with nothing but his vulnerability… and fear. Jinks forces the banker to hold a mirror, to discover and analyze himself, as Jinks begins to discover the banker– with his mouth.

What follows is an intensely sexual journey for Jinks and the Banker– a transcendent experience for both characters .

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