What would you do if a hung, wealthy guy offered you a ton of money to hookup with him? Maybe if you were really in need like these two cute twinks, you’d do it…or maybe if you were just hungry for a big dick! Enjoy watching their hookup!

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I don’t like banks at all. When I was young I was permanently broke. And even when I started to work in a normal job they still didn`t even consider issuing me a credit card nor lending me some money. This must have happened to two friends who I met the day before yesterday. They told me that they need money cause they want to move to Prague. But even when you can share the rent the money for the deposit is already a lot for a young guy nowadays. As I almost immediately fell in love with one of those guys I offered my “selfless help”. Both have been quite shy in that moment. Maybe they didn`t trust me. But when I payed them 2.000 for a kiss they realized their chance …

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