What happens when sexy, hung patient meets sexy, hung doctor? Well…this! Forget their weird name, just focus on their hot dentist office sex! Enjoy the scene!

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Sunny Blue goes in for a check up with his dentist, Dr. Kamel “Cockmiester.” The doctor takes him back to the examination room and has to leave for a minute. Sunny has a seat in the chair and waits for the doctor to return. While waiting, Sunny starts fantasizing about the the sexy dentist and squirms in the chair as his cock gets an “itch”… an itch for some attention. Sunny starts rubbing himself and looking back to make sure the doctor isn’t coming. While Sunny’s other brain takes over at the controls, Sunny forgets to keep an eye out for the Doc.

The doctor comes walking back in on Sunny with his cock out and stroking, and what a beautiful cock to be stroking. The good doctor is quick to lend a hand taking over the stroking for Sunny so he can focus on sucking the doc’s now hard cock. Another “Grade A” prime tube steak.

The two young men start sucking each other and goes on for a while until the doctor starts peeling sunny and himself out of their pants. I think the doctor is ready to start doing some probing, in the other hole. First a close up examination with his tongue. Hmm, sweet and fresh is the initial diagnosis… be sure to tune in to the next episode of “My Dentist Makes Me Hard.”

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