Aww, lucky Robin, I want two sexy guys like Tex and Lenin to protect me from the haunted house! I’m starting to think it’s not haunted at all, but that there are just a bunch of guys having sex in various rooms at various times. That’s probably it. Anyway, enjoy watching Robin get fucked by Tex and Lenin!

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I’m freaking out…There’s something in this house and I don’t know what it is. I’ve seen chairs move and heard creepy noises. Something’s just not right with this house. I run to tell Lenin but he doesn’t believe me. He thinks it’s all a joke! I’m so mad at him, but he grabs me, holds me tight, and says he’ll protect me. I feel much safer now that I’m in his arms.
As if I wasn’t scared enough, Tex jumps surprises us too. But his real surprise was his giant cock which he shoved up my tiny little ass. At least I have two guys protecting me. Oh wait…did you guys hear that?

Check out Tex, Lenin and Robin in, “The Haunting – Dildo Down Under”.

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