Ryan sure likes to please his clients! And get pleasured by them. That’s the best kind of business relationship after all! Enjoy watching these three hot and hung studs have some fun “massaging” each other!

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To the untrained eye, the art of massage can appear so easy that it looks like something anyone with a pair of hands can do. But, as Ryan Olsen is only too eager to demonstrate, there’s more to a good rub-down than a heavy palm and a bottle of massage oil! Mind, this young fellow’s skills are certainly augmented by his clear willingness to go the extra mile, as he promptly proves when blond bombshell Sven Laarson arrives as his first customer. Believe us, this is most definitely a service with additional benefits, and it’s not at all long before the fellow has worked out a very healthy load of jizz out of Laarson’s ball-sac. But it’s Olsen’s session with Orlando White, which immediately follows on, that truly underlines this lad’s determination to ensure customer satisfaction. For White has clearly arrived with the intention of securing something a little more intense than a simple hand-job, and as such it’s not long before the masseur has notched up the temperature considerably by giving White’s dick its own unique massage in the form of a good old-fashioned blow-job! Not surprisingly, it’s a move that quickly adds to the intensity of the encounter; and having provided White with a subsequent session of ass-rimming, it’s no time at all before Olsen is having to accommodate his second client’s oversized butt-picker right up his ass! Not that the youngster looks in any way incapable it must be said, and White’s appreciation is nicely summerised by the manner with which he dumps a generous wad in return. A visit to a massage parlour has never looked so hot!

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