Brennan here sure has nice abs, a nice smile, and a nice cock! Good thing we get to check him out as he has some stroking fun with Dirty Tony! Enjoy watching this curious boy blow his load!

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Brennan is a good ol’ boy from the hill country of Texas. He says people tell him that he sounds gay all the time because of his voice and his accent. He even admits, “Maybe I am gay, and I just don’t know it yet”. He’s had a couple blowjobs from guys, but never has gone any further than that. He’s telling me his stories, but I’m distracted by his hairy legs and forearms, and his big white smile. He’s ready to go when I tell him to start jerking off. He rubs his green swim trunks at the crotch. When he pulls at the velcro to get a better hand on his cock, his bright pink underwear pop out from beneath. He pulls his shirt up enough to reveal a faint treasure trail that seems to lead all the way up to his chin. Finally, he pulls the shorts and underwear completely off and his uncut stiffy slaps against his flat stomach. He uses both hands to massage the blood into his pelvic region until I reach in for the measurement. Since he’s feeling pretty comfortable, I take some liberty with his cock while I’ve got a grip on it. He doesn’t seem to mind. Pulling at my own cock, I decide to let him see what it feels like to have another hard cock up against his. This gets him even more turned on as his dick stiffens and his gaze lands squarely on our conjoined cocks. He springs to his knees and begins shoving his hips toward me as I stroke our cocks. This is my opportunity to check out his hairy hole. Reaching my finger between his furry thighs, I find his hole. Gently, I massage his sphincter as he moans. Before long, his dick is spraying jizz onto the gray pillowcase and landing on my arm. I follow up with a thick load of my own. We stare into each others’ eyes, panting from a good squirt.

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