Mmm, muscly Montreal mountain men, huh? Archer is a hunky guy, but then you look over and see Christian and his massive, veiny muscles! His calves are HUGE! And that’s not the only big thing about him, as I’m sure you can guess…enjoy watching these two hunks fuck!

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There is no stronger symbol of the Canadian Man than that of the Lumberjack. So what better guy than Christian Power to epitomize this Northern icon. So we got him and Archer Quan to team up for a bit of fun and play out in the Canadian Wilderness. After the guys spent a bit of time with their axes and chain saw in hand, hacking away at some dead tree trunks to later build a fire, they headed back to their tents for some down time. In Christian’s mind, getting some down time in fact means boning up and having some fun. So when Archer surprised him as he was jerking off in his tent, our hospitable body-builder invited his buddy in with open arms or should we say ‘open legs’. Archer was a happy camper!In fact, he loves to suck cock and he particularly enjoys deep throating and gagging on a nice big dick. So he was well served by Christian’s uncut 8 incher. And boy, did he ever deep throat his partner, choking loudly as he was mouthing that cock with purpose. But, being in the Canadian deep woods one always has to deal with the not so friendly presence of blood thirsty mosquitoes. They were out in full force on this day and, admittedly, Archer was not the only one sucking Christian that day. Christian referred to them as ‘uninvited guests’, and to free themselves from their voracious bite, he suggested to Archer that they leave the tent and head to the picnic table to continue their romp. There was no escaping the pesky little insects however. Undeterred, our two dudes just kept going at it. If Archer loves deep-throating, he enjoys even more getting fucked by some muscular cock. So, his moaning and groaning, and ever stiff boner while getting fucked was clearly showing just how happy he was with Christian’s cock up his ass. In fact, he held back from playing with his own cock, fearful that he would shoot too quickly if he did. Even as we could hear Christian’s stiff cock and balls banging against his bottom boy’s ass cheeks, Archer was begging for more and harder.After fucking in different positions on the picnic table, Christian was first to ramp up and shoot his load. We have certainly seen Christian deliver more substantial loads than the one he did this day, but his efforts spurred Archer on to spill his own seed alongside his sizable PA. Now that things were cooling down in the forest and on the picnic table, it was definitely time to get that campfire going…

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