Wow, what a huge load! Now I know why all the boys want to hook up with daddy Seth! Hayden sure seems to want that big load for Seth, but ends up getting a facial instead of swallowing it all in the end…I guess that’s better for us, since now we get to see the full size and scope of the massive amount of cum Seth pumps out! Enjoy the scene!

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Seth Chase and Hayden Alexander continue on from their Big Cock Cum Eating scene with a Big Load Facial on

We first begin this episode with a re-cap of Seth blowing Hayden. In case you missed it, Seth takes Hayden’s load and makes a meal of it.

It’s now time for Hayden to return the favor and take a nice fat load from Seth.

Hayden is laying naked on the sofa, spent from just releasing a big cum load which Seth devoured.

Seth now super horny, whips out his cock. Hayden comments on Seth’s big balls just before he stands up and feeds Hayden his cock.

Hayden opens wide and starts sucking, alternating his mouth between cock and balls. Seth face fucks Hayden then moves into position to blast Hayden’s cute face with a giant load of jizz.

We warned Hayden that Seth usually shoots a huge load. It seems Hayden wants to make sure of a really big one as he massages Seth’s prostate as if he was milking it for cum. He knows he’s going to get a huge facial any second.

As it heats up, Seth begins to breath harder and Hayden gets more excited to take his load.

Seth then unleashes a gigantic load of cum that paints Hayden’s handsome face from ear to ear. Cum ropes line his cheeks and drip down his neck; Hayden opens his mouth and laughs. Cum drips onto his teeth and then his tongue.

Hayden now looks like a cum glazed doughnut! Jizz is EVERYWHERE!

Seth’s throat coated and his stomach filled with semen while Hayden’s face and mouth are shiny with fresh cum.

This was a perfect cum-swapping session.

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