Straight boy Trevor sure has a nice big dick, and gay guy Aaron is looking forward to sucking it off! Trevor’s never had a blowjob for a gay guy before, and he’s basically a virgin even when it comes to girls, apparently! Enjoy watching Trevor learn the pleasures of getting sucked!

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20 year old Trevor told us he’s not too experienced sexually and has “never ever” messed around with another dude. He’s certainly never shot his load in anyone’s mouth (not even a chick), never been deep-throated or even had his balls licked.

While, this is Trevor’s third time working with us, he made no actual physical contact in his prior scenes.

We’re about to change all of that…

Aaron was super excited to be the lucky one to wrap his lips around Trevor’s thick dick. The look on his face as a guy goes down on his cock for the first time is priceless!

We had a bit of a hard time reading his facial expressions. Thankfully his looks of confusion turned to those of pleasure and amazement.

After a bit of stroking, it’s time to show this young straight guy what a gay dude has to offer when it comes to sucking cock.

Aaron switches to full suckoff mode and the moment his lips touch Trevor’s dick head, Trevor, gets wide-eyed and has a look of shock on his face.

It’s now or never, so Aaron goes in deep. Suddenly Trevor says, “oh, nice”. Aaron asks how he it feels and Trevor says, “wow, it’s interesting”. Aaron takes this as a clue to really work over Trevor’s gorgeous big cock and low hanging balls.

Aaron switches between Trevor’s nuts and cock; this was making him really, really hard. We could tell Trevor was fighting how good it felt having a dude suck his dick and lick his balls.

Trevor starts to really get into it and begins to face fuck Aaron with some deep pumps. Aaron gets on his knees and gives it his all to get Trevor to blow his load.

Trevor reaches his limit and is ready to blow! His cock was now rock hard, pulsating and ready to shoot.

Trevor releases his hot load into Aaron’s mouth. Wanting every drop, Aaron continues to suck the juice out of Trevor’s throbbing pole.

Trevor says he never imagined how nice it could be to get blown by a gay guy. Something tells us, we’ll be seeing much more of Trevor…

Watch this video and we know you’ll enjoy Trevor Grant’s first gay blowjob as much as he did.

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