Wow, that is one big cock! And Seth is one lucky daddy to get to slurp it all down! Enjoy watching him suck a big load out of Hayden!

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For such a little guy Hayden sure is sexy with that monster cock, bushy pubes, hairy taint & ass crack.

From the minute I saw Hayden’s massive cock I knew I had to have it!

I start by sucking on Hayden’s hairy balls, then move my way up to his big beautiful dick. All I could think when I slid his cock down my throat was, WOW, this is amazing!

I work over every inch of this super-schlong just hoping his cum load is as big as his cock.

Hayden is ready to blow, I am so ready to take it!!!

The head of Hayden’s cock is in my mouth, just past my lips when the first stream of cum released. I feel the warmth of Hayden’s jizz, then the aroma and taste of fresh semen hit me. I instantly know this is going to be a really good load! Boy, was I right. The cum keeps flowing out of Hayden’s pulsating pecker. I slurp down as much as possible trying not to spill any. This is a really tasty load, really, really sweet.

I keep sucking Hayden’s cock and swallow every bit of cum his cock and balls could produce. There’s no way I’m letting one drop of this amazing load go to waste! I keep licking, sucking and deep-throating until I’m sure there is nothing left in his shaft.

Hayden’s dick slides out of my mouth. My throat and tonsils are coated in semen. This is pretty much heaven!

Not wanting it to be over, I look down and to my delight, I see some cum spillage in Hayden’s pubes and on his leg. I swoop down, lick it up and swallow, enjoying the last few drops of this young sexy dude’s man-juice.

Hayden was great, his cock is simply amazing, and his load was out of this world!

This video is a cum-lover’s dream!

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