Foster sure is a courageous little twink, sneaking into the locker room and messing with the sexy sports gear of hot jocks Billy and Bruno! Little does he know that the studs are on their way back in from the shower – he gets caught, and I think you know what (and who!) is coming next! Enjoy their hot locker room hookup!

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Billy and Bruno are the head jocks for their college team. Having spent a full day’s practice on the field they head back to the locker room to get changed, messing around with their dirty sports kits they barely notice skinny Foster come in. But Foster sure notices them and their manly smelly kits. When the two boys hit the shower Foster snatches their dirty socks and jocks and is hard before he can really get a full lung of their man sweat. He pulls out a dildo from his locker and with every gulp of rich man musk he pushes the toy deep into his tight hole. His lips give to he ridges of the toy and every time he pushes it deeper he is thinking that it’s the cocks that belong to this rich smell. Bruno and Billy return and find Foster messing with their kits. Finding it funny they offer him the real deal and within seconds Foster is pushed to his knees as these star players sword fight in his mouth. The pre cum flows and when they flip him onto the weight bench they take turns fucking his hole making what was just a fantasy a horny reality for Foster. Seeing the size of the toy they think it is only fair to get Foster’s hole well and truly worked over. Bruno pulls a glove out of his kit bag and encourages Billy to follow suit. When both players are gloved they finger his hole to the max. What happens next ends in torrents of cum. But not before Jace comes into the locker room to get his bag finding two of the star players four fingers deep in Foster’s hole he joins them for a team tag session.

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