Wow, that is one BIG cock! James is so lucky to be so hung, and Jamie is so lucky to get to enjoy that big dick! Enjoy their hot scene!

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A real scorcher.. Super cute little Jamie Mount takes on mega hung horny lad James Dixons monstercock.. Insanely hot jaw stretching oral, deep rimming, then Jamie gets fucked in three positions before getting a face full of spunk.

The lads start off on the sofa in sports kit, getting a feel of each others bulges in their shiny shorts, both lads are pretty hard right away, with James sporting a massive bulge as Jamie strokes it and squeezes it at the base. After some horny mutual groping, the lads get down to some nipple sucking, taking off their tops.

Jamie has a really hot little body and James fondles him all over as he licks his nipples. Jamie then takes his time pleasuring James as he sucks on his nipples whilst massing the huge throbbing bulge in Jamess shorts as it strains against the fabric.

Eager to get their dicks out, they reach inside their shorts, pulling out each others hardons. Both lads are rock solid. They jerk each other off for a bit, then Jamie gets onto his side on the sofa and opens his mouth wide to take in the serious girth of Jamess meat. Its very thick from base to tip, with a big fat bulging bell end, with generous foreskin and his dick is heavily veined too.

Jamie sucks on the end, jerking him off a bit, then gets plenty of spit onto it, getting it really wet, working it in, then gets down to some eager sucking.. he struggles to get it in his mouth due to the thickness, but is a very willing horny sucker and forces himself to take it as deep as he can. James reaches around to jerk him off as he gets sucked.
Then Jamie leans back to let James demonstrate some great deep throating skills as he swallows Jamies stiff dick all the way to the base, sucking slow, wet and firm, and jerking him off a bit sometimes as well. Jamie gets more forceful, putting his hands on Jamess head as he gets sucked, then fucking his mouth, pushing his dick in deep to fuck his throat.. Very hot.

Eager to get that fat dick back into his mouth, Jamie is on his knees now, with James standing, his massive meat curves up, and Jamie grips it at the base and starts slurping on it some more, licking it up and down the veiny shaft then sucking on the head, before getting his mouth fucked.. Again, this is some seriously horny oral action..
Needing to get his butt warmed up, Jamie lays back on the sofa, pulling his legs back, wide apart, showing us his furry hole.. James parts his butt cheeks and spits onto it, getting his hole really wet, then starts licking it, pulling his butt cheeks wider to get his tongue inside that tight pink hole. Some great rimming here, clearly turning little Jamie on as he moans with pleasure, pushing his stiff dick up between his legs.

With both lads eager to fuck, they start off with Jamie leaning against the sofa, pushing his arse out, and James stands. He teases the hole first by rubbing his cock against it, then starts to push the tip in.. He goes very slow to start with, and Jamie makes a bit of noise, the girth is clearly stretching his hole bigtime. As he gets used to it, James gets into some good fucking, not too deep as Jamie cant take it too deep, but he does start to speed up, fucking him with strong, long strokes, showing plenty of length.

Next, Jamie is laying on his back with James kneeling. He teases his hole a bit first before pushing his thick meat about halfway in.. Jamie gasps as he gets used to it, and James starts fucking him.. Long strokes at first, keeping it gentle, which is about as much as Jamie can take, but then James does start to fuck harder and then goes deeper, really pushing little Jamie to his limits..

Not quite done yet, the lads go for a final position. James lays back on the sofa holding his throbbing girthy cock upright, and Jamie positions himself over it, facing us, squatting on it, then easing himself down onto it, and it slides in more easily now. He goes down almost to the base, and starts gently riding it, sliding himself up and down the meaty fuckpole, making his own dick throb with the intensity of it. Then James grips his arse and starts thrusting in and out..

After more very horny fucking, both lads are aching to shoot their loads, so Jamie lays back to jerk himself off, and James kneels over his face to get his fat cock sucked some more before cumming.. As Jamie sucks James off, he jerks himself hard, and moments later, his dick starts spunking thick and fast all over his sweaty six pack..
The sight of this is all James needs, and when his dick starts shooting, its pretty explosive, with the first squirt spurting clear over Jamies head, but there is plenty more to come, as jet after jet of hot jizz squirts out all over Jamies mouth and chin.. Its incredibly horny and we see it all in slow motion..

As James squeezing out the last few drops Jamie takes his dick back into his mouth, slurping on the hot sticky spunk as James catches his breath.

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