Diego sure is studly and pecstacular, Jessie has such a hot bubble butt! Enjoy these hotties in some non-Asian Peter Fever action!

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“Knock! Knock! Knock!.” Who the fuck could that be, I was not expecting anyone this early. I opened the door only to find a sexy familiar face, Jessie Colter, standing in front of the doorway. Seeing him at my doorstep reminded me of a certain scene we did, except this time it wasn’t acting, I was for real.

I led him to the bedroom and immediately ripped his clothes off. I could not resist wrapping my lips around his juicy cock. His cock tasted so good but I was hungry for his ass. I prepped his hole with my tongue and lubed it up getting it nice and wet; ready for my cock. I rammed my cock into Jessie’s smooth ass and between hearing Jessie’s loud moans and the banging of the bed I was in fucking frenzy.

Watch me, Diego Vena, and Jessie Colter reconnect on tonight’s episode “Cock the Colter.”

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