This week on we have hung hotties Austin Chandler & Sean Duran! Packing is the operative for the encounter today in every facet of its meaning. Austin was packing his bag for his trip home when Sean entered, spied the “plumber’s crack” in Austin’s shorts and gave them a stealth tug down, hoping for a peek and what looked like quite a tight round ass. Hard to find underwear to accommodate his big meat without cutting off the blood supply, Austin was going commando and when he turned around, his nine inch pole was standing at attention and ready for inspection. Sean first dropped his jaw, grabbed the fat pole and dropped to his knees, started with a flick on tongue on the flaring head of Austin’s cock; he worked his way down the long shaft, following the veins like a road map. Looking down at Sean, Austin grimaced like the King of the Jungle, seeing how his cock extended beyond the perimeter Sean’s head. Sean ripped out his own throbber and began to fist it furiously as he attempted to swallow Austin’s cock down to the balls. Pulling Sean to his feet, Austin for Sean naked and as he laid his cock over Sean’s just to prove who is top dog, he slipped Sean a kiss then had another idea where tongue needed to go next. Bent over, his etched abs glistening and his round, world class open and beckoning, this time it was Austin who dropped to his knees and with his throbbing cock sticking out ahead of him like an approaching missile, he dart his pink tongue deeply into Sean’s hole like a cork screw opening a prized vintage. Sean pulled Austin’s head in further and kept his tongue in place as he rolled over on his back, he own cock pre-cumming like a leaky faucet as Austin bit his lip, grabbed the lube, oiled up and pushed his cock home in a long steady push. Hand behind his head, his rock hard cock now sticking up hand free, Sean’s hole inhaled every single one of those nine inches. Laying on the floor, Austin’s cock disappeared again as Sean took a seat, his cheeks displaced by the fat sausage and he lowered himself up and down and back again until he clenched those glutes and held that cock tight as he laid on his side in front of Austin. Austin reached under Sean’s knees to make room for the toe-curling pounding from behind that fucked the cum right out of Sean and to seal the deal. Austin left his calling card in terms of a heavy white mess all over Sean’s balls and still hard cock.

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