It’s Kyler Ash’s first day at Jake Cruise Media and he’s getting familiar with the employee handbook. Due to the nature of the business, Jake Cruise comes over to explicitly go over the section on sexual harassment. To drill the point home, Jake gives Kyler a very hands on approach about what not to do in order to avoid breaking any of the rules. For example, removing ones shirt so your boss can rub your chest would be bad. Dropping your pants and taking out your huge dick would also be a red flag. A definite no-no would be getting your dick sucked at the office by anyone, especially your boss. To be sure not to leave any grey areas, Jake makes sure to go over toe-sucking and ass eating with Kyler, too. Kyler Ash appreciates all the extra time Jake spends with him and shows it by giving Jake a mouthful of his warm cum. Believe it or not, that is not only allowed, it’s encouraged in the Jake Cruise Media handbook.

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