An all-male locker-room is arguably one of the very few places left in this life where guys can simply be open and honest with each other in a way that’s generally impossible in the “straight” world beyond its doors – which may or may not explain the proficiency of the setting in gay porn. Then again, it might just simply be the fact that hot, sexy men seem ever hotter and sexier within its sweaty confines – as keenly demonstrated here when Benjamin Dunn and Jason King find themselves alone together among the soccer shirts and shin pads!

Suffice it to say that it’s not many minutes before both lads are taking it in turns to feast off each other’s dicks – and believe us there’s plenty to feast on! – before Dunn proceeds to rim King’s pert little ass and then fill it to bursting point with his thick, uncut shaft. A fabulous fuck-session ensues, with not the slightest hint of rubber – all deliciously captured in full-on, close-up detail for your amusement, as Dunn bangs away at his mate’s pucker courtesy of every position imaginable.

Most touching, maybe, is their final coupling down on the floor, with King’s legs firmly wrapped round Dunn’s body in a clinch that’s as romantic as it is pornographic. But it’s the sight of Dunn spooging over King’s face and King knocking out a fine load over his belly that ultimately clinches it.

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