One look at Brody’s bruised body and there was no question that this southern stud needed a massage so we hooked him up with our hands. Brody said that he had never had a massage before so I’m not so sure he really knew what to expect.

Brody stripped naked and climbed up onto the table and laid face down with his hot bubble ass up in the air.  Our hands covered Bordy with oil and slowly worked it into his back and down thru the back of his legs.

Brody closed his eyes and just let our hands explore his body and do whatever they wanted.  Brody was loving all the attention his body was getting, especially when he was getting his inner thighs worked over.

Brody turned over and took another dousing of oil before our hands teased his tiny nipples.  It didn’t take long before Brody’s cock was standing at attention as it is slowly being greased up.  Our hands milk out a nice thick puddle of young southern stud protein just wait to be lapped up.

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