Jasper is a fan of amateur gay porn and comes in to audition for Dirty Boy Video! During the interview the questions turn sexual of course, and he tells us he likes getting fucked by tall, hung black guys! Just answering the questions gives him a boner!

Finally he blurts out, “All this talk is making me horny! Can I jerk off now!?”

And jerk off he does! He needs to get his rocks off and urgently whips open his pants and pulls out his firm young cock.

He presents that loaded rocket to us, running his fingers up and down the length of it, giving us a good long look at his meat! He runs his thumb across his cockhead and wipes away a drop of precum. Jasper loves the attention from the camera. He loses himself in the experience, stroke after stroke, his hand moving faster and faster until his cock blasts warm white cum all over the floor!

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