Brad Fitt has never been able to resist a horny chav, even on his off days, so his introduction to Sean Savoy has rather predictable results. Minutes after the two of them meeting the young twink is quite literally sat on Savoy’s lap and eagerly chewing the fellow’s face off – well let’s face it, Fitt has always been a bit of a dirty little slut, and this episode does nothing to dispel such a fine reputation.

Indeed, you just know that the lad is quite literally gagging to have Savoy’s dick deep inside him right from the very beginning. That said, it’s an equally valid point to say that Savoy is not exactly reticent when it comes to wanting to fuck the pup; and by the time the two lads have taken turns to blow each other off it’s difficult to say which one of these guys is the keener.

Let’s just take satisfaction from knowing that both boys are hot to trot when it comes to the actual fuck, and what follows – Savoy banging away at Fitt’s tight ass like a dirty animal – is not going to disappoint anyone. Ultimate judgement, however, may arguably rest with the cum-shots – that produced by Savoy proving a veritable multi-shot shocker that poor ill-prepared Fitt is unlikely to ever forget!

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